Our vision is to normalise mental health self-care by empowering everyone with the tools and methodologies for self-discovery, in order to understand their drivers and motivations and unlock their true potential.

My story

I came to journaling after over 30 years of suffering general anxiety and depression, including social anxiety, self-doubt, and a lack of self-esteem. This affected my mental and physical health spending most days with some form of symptoms from mild to severe.

I had ‘dealt’ with my issues internally in shame and silence. I grew up at a time when mental health issues weren’t talked about; where a man would be told to ‘Man up!’ or ‘Get a grip!’; where you had to be ‘strong’ and not show emotion or pain as a man. I hid it behind a facade and internal walls I had built to ‘protect’ myself. To the outside world, I was generally projecting an impression of calm and control, underneath was turmoil and self-doubt.

I wanted to help raise awareness and provide information to others, to help them find their own paths. My vision for Journalise is based on the intent to help raise awareness of Mental Health Self Care. Everyone will benefit from our tools and advice, but I particularly wanted to focus Journalise towards men, who are traditionally expected by society to be ‘strong’ and not to be emotional. I want to see us help men become aware that their feelings are normal. These things can be acknowledged, they don’t have to be bottled up, and help and support are out there.

Our journaling products and site aim to provide tools and information that will enable anyone that needs them (regardless of gender), on a journey of self-discovery and understanding of their drivers, motivations, goals, and aspirations, in order to care for their Self and positively influence their lives.

Mark Morton, Journalise founder & owner


Key features

Journalise: Focus Your Life, Unlock Your Potential

Begin your journey of self-discovery and become the best You

Supporting your journey of self-discovery

A framework that helps you to work through your thoughts and ideas in a structured way, and gain understanding of your personal goals and needs

Proven Mental Health Benefits

Journaling as part of your mental health self-care regime is proven to help reduce stress, manage anxiety, and to cope with depression

More than a planner, not just another notepad

A true Journal allowing you to express and understand yourself, and unlock your potential

Journalise Your Life in Your Way

Journals to fit your needs wherever you are in your journey, and however you want to live it

Designed for you

  • Premium A5 journals
  • 80 gsm white paper
  • Flexi Faux Leather cover
  • Lie flat sewn binding
  • Elastic closure
  • Page marker ribbons
  • Pen loop